The World's Best Sake Pairing

The World's Best Sake Pairing

Welcome to The World's Best Sake Pairing!

The World's Best Sake Pairing is a competition that rates and showcases culinary pairings for sake from chefs/cooks and culinary researchers around the world. Thus far, the focus has been on pairing wine or sake with a particular cuisine, but this latest project sees us going in the opposite direction--exploring cuisine that pairs with sake.

Sake is an alcohol brewed from rice that has been passed down for hundreds of years in Japan. It is rich in amino acids. While some sake exhibits a fruity aroma, there is also sparkling sake that you can enjoy chilled, sake served at hot temperatures, rich aged sake like whiskey, and more. In this way, sake can mean and encompass many things.

We are excited to see what new food pairing experiences will be created by chefs/cooks and culinary researchers around the world.

The World's Best Sake Pairing sets a new theme each year, and acts as a venue to present new sake pairings around innovative experiences through cuisine and alcohol. The theme for 2021 is oysters.

All applicants (limited to the first 200) will receive a gift of sake that received gold or higher awards at international competitions. The top 8 oyster dish submissions will receive a sake selected by a top French sommelier. Those winners will receive a case of that sake shipped from Japan. Moreover, the top winning entry will receive a tour of a sake brewery. In addition, footage of their dish will be aired around the world.

This year is the first session. We are excited to see how many people will be interested in this event and what kind of dishes they will submit. We look forward to some great dish submissions from chefs/cooks and culinary researchers.

The World's Best Sake Pairing Secretariat


Here we introduce you to new pairing experiences around food and sake.

Our goal is not only showcasing never-before-seen sake, but also sake pairing experiences with specific ingredients that are entirely new.

Focusing solely on limiting pairings to Japanese sake with Japanese cuisine, or selecting sake as a pairing simply because the dish in question is seafood, limits the potential of sake. In fact, the potential inherent in pairings of sake and cuisine is beyond our wildest imagination, and comes down to the cooking method, seasonings, and preparation.

Learn the most advanced pairing techniques from experts to deepen your understanding of the possibilities of food and sake pairings.

Organized byid10 japan corporation

This project is subsidized by National Tax Agency Japan in 2021.